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June 22, 2009


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Ok now, a friend helped me a little bit with this one. I’ll put her points up first and then let myself loose from then on. This could go off the rails big style!


‘… with the all-in-one tracksuits, made by Nike which some poor sodding child in Sudan has spent the last remaining hours of it’s life creating but, oh well, as long as it looks “bezzin” it’s all hunky dory.’

‘Oh, and the jewelry they wear too! Don’t even get me started on that.! “Yeah it’s real gold mate innit bear like, all the way from Nazareth.” For a start, they don’t have gold mines in Nazareth and you’re just talking “bear shit” because you probably don’t know where Nazareth is and it won’t be real gold either.’

‘… and you can always tell who the gf’s of these chav’s are, cause they look like Viki Pollard, you can spot their “real gold” jewelry that their bf got them from a mile away. And their orange faces; did your dad fuck a wotsit?!’

Now, even for my standard, this is pretty good. I mean, less swearing than I am used to but that will change. About… NOW! What the fuck do they think they are doing? Fucking with people. I hate those dumb motherfuckers that just love to make every ones life a massive, steaming pile of shit. Plus, their live f normally more of a steaming pile of shit than the poor shit whose life they are trying to fuck with. Silly clungefuckers. The tracksuits really do piss me off. It’s like a universal chav uniform. I mean, when I go out, I like to wear smart casual shit like jeans and a nice t-shirt but when these dumb motherfuckers go out, they wear these all-in-one tracksuits. Which make them look like n00bs. In fact, this is why all of the old faggots like to say ‘Oh, the youth of today‘ and they say it to the normal people. Well, I’m not normal by any stretch of the imagination but I mean to the non chav’s. And those poor Sudanese children. Slave labor really sucks and Nike should be shut down if this is true. Dumb shits.

The jewelry, oh the jewelry. It looks like my baby cousin made it out of the long pasta that you get and painted it gold. It sucks so hard. Most of the time they just buy it from Argos anyway. Not Nazareth. I agree, they don’t even know where the fuck Nazareth is. It’s the childhood residence of Jesus dumb asses. Although, these fuckers probably don’t even know anything about Jesus. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t exactly believe in him myself. I just think people should have some knowledge of religions so that they don’t just piss on everyone else’s. If you want more views on religion from me, check out my ‘religion post.’ You know you want to…

Anyway, chav girlfriends. They are just all fucking sluts and slags. Incidentally, check out that post ‘HERE.’ I will say that all of them don’t look like Viki Pollard, most are far, far worse. Fucking spots coming out of every millimeter of their body that they have had an EPIC MAKEUP FAIL whilst trying to cover them up. I feel like telling to not even bother because even with shitloads of makeup on, they still look as ugly as my left ass cheek. Slappers. Also, wotsit fucking is just weird as fuck. Why would you fuck a little orange piece of shit that most people just eat? Silly orange motherfuckers. How can they possibly think they look anything close to good with a face as orange as a fucking tangerine. It just looks fucking ridiculous and I don’t see how they can have the balls to go in public looking as shit as that.

Now onto some points of my own. What i also don’t get is how fucking hard they think they are. It does my head in. They are always going ‘Yeah, you want a fight mate? Yeah? You want some?’ The best thing to say to them then is ‘Yeah, go on then. If you insist.’ Because they will either make up some lame ass excuse about not wanting to stove your head in or they just won’t show. In reality, they are all just pussies. We all know it in our bell end of bell ends. It’s sad really. How come they can’t just be normal fuckers lie the rest of us. They have to ‘stand out‘ from the crown and make the rest of the youth of today look like tit fuckers.

I think I may have mentioned this earlier on but why the fuck do they have to spoil it for the rest of us. Like the shop down the road from me only allows two school kids in at one time. TWO! It sounds ridiculous but I can see their point. Back in the old days where any amount of dumb ass motherfucking school kids could go in, all of the chavs used to go inside in groups and one of them would buy something and the rest of them would all take a drink or a chocolate bar. I just kept on thinking why? Why the fuck steal something that’s only worth 60P anyway? It’s not worth getting nicked for. Just pay the 60P so that everyone else doesn’t think that your a complete dumb ass.


As you can probably tell, the two of us fucking hate chavs with a passion. Surprise!

June 12, 2009

Slags and Sluts

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Why do some girls feel the need to rub up against every boy they can find? I just don’t get it… Right then, these slags love to piss everyone off. They suck off girls boyfriends. Hell, they’ve probably done shit to boys girlfriends as well. It’s not even like they feel regret at all for the shit they they’ve done. Fuck no, that would be to human. They fucking love it. The hatred that everyone looks at them with. The fake apologies that they give (‘I didn’t mean to suck him off at all, it just happened’). I swear that they prepare those beforehand so that they can make them sound as fake and pathetic as possible.

Who would shag one of these filthy birds anyway? They probably have every STD under the sun. AIDS, chlamydia, gonnorrhea, you name it, they carry it. I suppose only very desperate lads would put it in their filthy holes because these dumb whores really are whores. I suppose if you paid them enough, they would flash a teacher for you.

What’s with prostitutes anyway? I mean, I know that they have to get money and shit but come on, can’t you just not go into dangerous situations and get the shit beaten out of you. If your a rent girl then at least have a nonviolent pimp or an agency looking after you until you know what to do about scoping out situations and shit. That way, you can stay safe!

I guess the phrase ‘girls just wanna have fun’ has been blown wildly our of proportion. The bitches nowadays think that fun is sleeping with any guy that they can get their hands on and it kind of makes me sick. I sort of feel sorry for the guys who they sleep with as part of their little competition. This may not be fact but I bet some have even had competitions to see how many STD’s they can get in a week and shit like that. Or how many times they can take it up the ass in a day. You know, sick shit like that. Dirty fuckers. (which, in this case, is actually true!)

I just found a wonderful quote: ‘Are we simply romantically challenged, or are we sluts?’ Well, this sums it up. No you’re not romantically challenged, you just like fucking. You could have a real relationship if you really tried. I’m sure that if you just went out with a dude for a while, you would find out that fucking isn’t everything in a relationship. You can still fuck, you don’t have to be celibate, just don’t shag five times a day. Or you could try celibacy if you felt like a very strong person. But you probably don’t. So ‘just keep on fuckin.’ Not to advocate mindless shagging and shit like that but a bit of sex once in a while never hurt anyone. Unless you’re trying out some very strange positions. Don’t. You might hurt yourself. Karma Sutra is dangerous.


Kind of a small one there but I really hate slags. There you go!

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