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July 22, 2009

School Pt. 2 – Sports Day

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Ah, sports day. A non-sport oriented persons nightmare and a wonderously shit day for most involved. I only say most because there are some silly fuckers who actually like it.

Why do schools feel the need to fuck with the nerdy and fat people and make them compete with other much more sporty and fit people? All it does is lower morale and make people hate the school and other people much, much more.

This year, I was pretty much forced to run the 800 metres and I am not a runner in any sense of the word. I came last which was NOT a surprise as everyone in it could have beat me if they all had swine flu and no legs. Besides one fat little fuck but I was so tired by the end that he could have done the same. I just hate it when you’re last by a fucking mile and you’re coming down the final straight and then everyone in the whole fucking school gets to humiliate you by cheering and saying ‘go on ***’ when they really couldn’t give a shit if you won or lost. That’s what really bites my dick about the general public; their willingness to follow each other. I am, as you have probably already read, very opinionated but the rest of the world seem scared to share their opinions with anyone because they think they will get in trouble. Well really, they will and so would I if any important person ever found this but I don’t give a flying shit! If they find it, so what? They will know what I think. The likelihood is that I’ve probably already told them or showed them in some way or other. If I haven’t, I will sometime soon…


July 20, 2009

Mini Rant #5 – Activities Week

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I think it’s fair to say that Activities Week suck some serious dick. The point of Activities Week is to give some teachers a chance to piss all over us because we haven’t done our coursework and other teachers a chance to do sweet sweet fuck all for a week. That is, the teachers who don’t take us get to sit on their lazy teacher asses while we don’t have their lessons. Cheeky fucks. It even has a fucking stupid name!

July 3, 2009


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As a friend of mine once said ‘A school is the safest place for a child to be’ but this quote is clearly bullshit. He agrees with me. A school is not safe. No amount of teachers can stop the verbal bullying or even the physical bullying. People will always be bullied for one reason or another; the colour of their skin or hair, their height, their sex or the amount of people that they have fucked. The human race will always have retards who must compete with each other. Especially in the field of education. Harder, better, faster, stronger. If you are an academic then you compete with other kids over grades; if you are a sporty motherfucker then you compete with other sporty motherfuckers to see who is better at football or cricket. It’s all bullshit really. There is no need to compete with anyone really. I mean, if you hate them and just want to step on their balls, beating them at something that they love is one of the best ways to do it.

A prime example of this is that today we got our end of year reports. Or grade sheets. Or (insert different word for the same thing here). Whatever you call them. it doesn’t matter because the point is this: everyone just fucking argues over them. For the clever fuckers it’s how many ‘exceptional’ grades for effort and shit that they got and for the dumb fuckers, it’s how many detentions or PPP’s (Problem Pupil Profiles. A shit idea really) they got. It saddens me to the core because really we should be either happy with the reports that we got or sad in the knowledge that we need to do better but probably never will…


In later posts, I will enlighten you all on the other aspects of school life; assessments, sports day, school taboo’s and shit like that. So look out for those and in the mean time, I suppose, I will write them! Bye all.

June 26, 2009

Guest Post #3 – Winny on English Teachers

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(OK, I’m not going to correct any of the spelling errors in this post as I think it makes it all the more enjoyable!)

What can I say there all bastards. Jus because a NAZI following power fucker gives them a job they can run the bloody school. They can do wat the fuck they want when it come to school but I would pay to meet them out side and se them on fire. As u can tell I feel very strongly for the death of all English teachers let me tell you y. it started with a teacher who I can only describes as though she was raped by a monkey at birth and from the very start she hated me, no not hated wanted to fuckin fail me. First she loses all my work this proper pissed me off so I got my parents to go in and talk to her she shit herself and decided to do all my work for me. Teaches her fuckin right, moody bitches all of them. At last she’d left the fuckin building only to find that her fuck ugly twin had replaced her, now this bitch, she was worse she made me want the monkey fucked at birth teacher back. She looked like an under privileged Nigerian butt plug maker. So the story goes on I finish my coursework with high Bs but that’s not fuckin good enough is it the fucker wanted As and I couldn’t give her fuckin As because I aint the brightest fucker when it comes to English but I aint the dumbest shit there either. And then the worst she threatens to stop me going on this trip at the end of the year typical feltcher so no matter wat the fucker says I goin so fuck all of erm. Now today me and my mate were on the topic of vagicil for those who don’t know (cream for women who have a rash on there Minge) I we said is there such a thing as anasil for ur arse then began a list of different ones such as sodisil for gays shaftasil bellendasil and my favourite necrofilasil which refers to my teacher. Now your thinking he’s jus goin say she goes out and uses it but I wont I’m saying she’s been the victim of it being used on because she looks like she needs a good moistening so in the end they’re all cunts.

(It did, right?)

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