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July 22, 2009

School Pt. 2 – Sports Day

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Ah, sports day. A non-sport oriented persons nightmare and a wonderously shit day for most involved. I only say most because there are some silly fuckers who actually like it.

Why do schools feel the need to fuck with the nerdy and fat people and make them compete with other much more sporty and fit people? All it does is lower morale and make people hate the school and other people much, much more.

This year, I was pretty much forced to run the 800 metres and I am not a runner in any sense of the word. I came last which was NOT a surprise as everyone in it could have beat me if they all had swine flu and no legs. Besides one fat little fuck but I was so tired by the end that he could have done the same. I just hate it when you’re last by a fucking mile and you’re coming down the final straight and then everyone in the whole fucking school gets to humiliate you by cheering and saying ‘go on ***’ when they really couldn’t give a shit if you won or lost. That’s what really bites my dick about the general public; their willingness to follow each other. I am, as you have probably already read, very opinionated but the rest of the world seem scared to share their opinions with anyone because they think they will get in trouble. Well really, they will and so would I if any important person ever found this but I don’t give a flying shit! If they find it, so what? They will know what I think. The likelihood is that I’ve probably already told them or showed them in some way or other. If I haven’t, I will sometime soon…


June 11, 2009

Mini Rant Pt. 1 – Women

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This one will be a bit of a mini-rant I think. By that I mean just the one paragraph describing the topic at hand.

I’ll admit that women are needed for the human race to survive but that doesn’t mean they have to make it hard for the rest of us. Some women have more libido than others and as such would be more elligible for ritual fucking. If fucking was a ritual, how boring would that be? Well, at least the nerds will get laid!

If you want some extra info on my views on women, especially on tarts and slappers, check out the Slags and Sluts post (coming out soon!)

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