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July 18, 2009

Social Ineptitude # 1 – The Partition

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This actually happened to a friend of mine.

This actually happened to a friend of mine.


Comic Strip Name Update

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I have thought of a name for the comic strip! Didn’t take long I know but I am going to call it Social Ineptitude. It will be about the ways in which people are, ermm… socially inept? DUH!

So I hope you all enjoy it. I will probably post an episode a week and then I will still have time to draw new episodes!

Comic Strip

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This is a non ranting post! Shameful I know but I wanted to talk about something a little bit less aggressive for once. I am designing a series of short comic strips for some unknown reason and when I can get access to a scanner, I will scan them in and post them up here. I still don’t know what to call it though…

I shall have to think of a name and when I do, I will put them up. Hope you all look forward to reading them!

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