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July 3, 2009


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As a friend of mine once said ‘A school is the safest place for a child to be’ but this quote is clearly bullshit. He agrees with me. A school is not safe. No amount of teachers can stop the verbal bullying or even the physical bullying. People will always be bullied for one reason or another; the colour of their skin or hair, their height, their sex or the amount of people that they have fucked. The human race will always have retards who must compete with each other. Especially in the field of education. Harder, better, faster, stronger. If you are an academic then you compete with other kids over grades; if you are a sporty motherfucker then you compete with other sporty motherfuckers to see who is better at football or cricket. It’s all bullshit really. There is no need to compete with anyone really. I mean, if you hate them and just want to step on their balls, beating them at something that they love is one of the best ways to do it.

A prime example of this is that today we got our end of year reports. Or grade sheets. Or (insert different word for the same thing here). Whatever you call them. it doesn’t matter because the point is this: everyone just fucking argues over them. For the clever fuckers it’s how many ‘exceptional’ grades for effort and shit that they got and for the dumb fuckers, it’s how many detentions or PPP’s (Problem Pupil Profiles. A shit idea really) they got. It saddens me to the core because really we should be either happy with the reports that we got or sad in the knowledge that we need to do better but probably never will…


In later posts, I will enlighten you all on the other aspects of school life; assessments, sports day, school taboo’s and shit like that. So look out for those and in the mean time, I suppose, I will write them! Bye all.

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