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June 29, 2009

Euthanasia and The Death Penalty

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I honestly don’t see the problem that some mouthbreathing retards have with euthanasia. If the motherfucker is going to die and you killing them will make it less painful, why prolong their suffering? Especially if they ask you to. If it is a persons dying wish to have the pain stop, don’t you reckon that you should grant their wish? I sure as fuck do. It would be disrespectful otherwise.

I can see what people like doctors and shit have against it due to the fact that it is in their moral codes to save whatever life they fucking can. But in the case of a four year old child who has to have both arms and both legs cut off to stop a cancer from spreading or some such shit, what the fuck is the point? He is just going to grow up not being able to use any of his appendages (besides his dick which, without arms or legs either verges on incest (if you don’t get that, get some education) or insanity) and getting ridiculed by his peers. Not to be mean or shit but just kill the poor motherfucker now. Or if you feel like being more ‘humane’ then kill him quicker. It would be easier on him in the long run and also easier on taxpayers money as we would not have to pay for the little motherfuckers surgery and fake limbs and shit. Far from being wrong, my particular view is that it is more humane to kill them quicker than to prolong their physical and mental suffering. Even if it is an animal. They have feelings too you know! Fuck off scretins. Go and fuck a deer if they have feelings! I fucking know that they have feelings you dumb mouthbreathers. If I shot one in the ballsack, it would feel pretty intense pain. No shit, you may say. But that’s what these dumb fuckers are trying to make us believe when we already know it. YOU ARE WASTING YOUR FUCKING TIME RETARDS!

Now onto the death penalty. Why should we not have the death penalty reinstated? The only reason that the mouthbreathers can come up with is ‘What if they got it wrong?’ What if they fucking got it wrong? They wouldn’t get it wrong every fucking time. Hardly ever I should think. So just bring it back and see what happens. But only bring it back in certain cases when the judge deems that kind of shit necessary. Lock up the silly fuckers who nick a TV from a shop but hang the cunts who like to commit double homicides in their spare time.

Special measures should be given for people who commit really fucked up crimes. Like that ‘Baby Pete’ case. That dude should have had his head bitten by a rottweiler. The head of his wanger. Much more painful you see. The twisted fucks who do this kind of heinous shit should have what they did to the other people done to them. Like if they raped a woman, a woman who felt like a nice bit of revenge could come along with a huge, veiny, purple strapon and fuck the dude in the ass until he died. Or a dude with a really small dick could come along and fuck him in the ear until he split something open. That would be fairly sick, yes. But you would find someone willing to do it. Then we’ll see how many sick motherfucking mouthbreathers still do sick shit like this. Sadly enough probably the same amount that do now. Just less repeat offenders. Because the motherfuckers would be six feet under. HA!


I think all that I needed to say has been said in this one so bye for now!

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