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June 22, 2009

Social Classes

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Why the fuck do social classes even exist? All they do is instigate a pissing match between fellow human beings. The upper class frowning on, well, every other motherfucker on this earth because they are dumb, toffee nosed, set for life mouthbreathers and the lower class feeling like we all hate them because they are crayon loving (some of you will get that), butt-hash smoking, inbreeding felchers. And we ALL do. Sorry but sometimes tough love works wonders. Sometimes, however, it creates grounds for war, suicide or just death in general. Sometimes death in general can be a good thing. When the world is as overcrowded as it is now, a good bit of youthanasia is all the human race needs. Especially with those fucking Chinese.

Sometimes however, I feel that social classes are warranted. If this seems wrong to you in some way, fuck off. Just fuck off NOW! Anyway, the reason that I am also for social classes is that when you see the tramps and the stinky motherfucking kids who actually haven’t heard of the simple act of rubbing ones body with soap and then washing the soap off ones body, you realise one thing in particular; they can’t be on the same plane of existence as the Queen. That’s just wrong. Mainly because she takes a bath. I would hope…


There’s not really much more to say in this topic… Shame. More next time!

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