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June 19, 2009

Guest Post #2 – ‘Jakanory Jones’ Rants on ‘Terminator Salvation’

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Good luck reading this one, this dude loves to use ‘LOL SP33K’ way to much.

Ok the film was OSSIM the first time I watched it ( and yes rob if u r watchin this I am usin EPIC LOL SP33K. C U TMW)  Anywayz it had loads of fan stuff init like the scar on is face, a=Arnie wich the CG was dun mazinly and of crse the bike scene whr he puts guns n roses on wat im pretty sure is the same radio as T2. First time I watched it I thort they wud be cutting thru loads of terminators but thr was like 4 of the big chunky terminators. L  The second time rnd I watccherd it I noticed that the termynaytors giv da hoomans a bajillionty chgances tu escape! In Terminator 1 Arnie jus pulls this guys heart out and strangles tehm but in this new one the terminators (including arnie) keep throwin them at walls! Its like im going to throw you conveniently near that gun and stand conveniently infront of this molten metal and walk vveeeeeery slowly towards you. But if anything cud be dun they shud haf lots more foghts w/ the T-600. Oh yh and they are SOOOOO bad at killin people with the aim of a cracked up monkey! And in the 1st one Kyle reese describes the T-600 as being easy to spot cuz they had rubber skin, but they r like 8 ft tall and groan and creak and make funny noises! No wunder they wer easy to spot! Plus they have machine gns attached tu their arms with a big back pack full of ammo! I mean how the fudge cud they paas for hooman?|!!?

Oh and giving Marcus wright choice to not kill hoomans? WTF and he found kyle just randomly like wtf and tht was his mission tht he wasn’t aware of and wudnt he haf noticed that he cudnt see in colour any moore? You wud jus make a robot that seemed human witht that story that completely believes he is human but w/out freee will. BAD NO!

Twisted fucker, right?


  1. u forgot to post my retraction

    Comment by Jak — July 22, 2009 @ 12:41 am | Reply

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