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June 17, 2009


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Religion is most definitely a touchy subject but I feel that as a touchy subject, it needs to be covered on here…

The problem with religion is the simple fact that if you anger a dude from one religion, they get all of their bible buddies on you. (Interesting fact: the bible is the most shoplifted book in the world!) If these are muslims, you’re in trouble. Not to take the piss out of the muslims but they are a bit fucking extreme. You may be reading this thinking ‘I’m not an extreme muslim’ and this may be true. It’s not all of you guys. It’s just an over generalization that everyone in the whole wide world makes which is slightly sad really. Nobody in the world today can say that they fully accept the beliefs of all of the different world religions. The spread of ethical beliefs is so wide that you will probably disagree with one or another. Thus making you a dreaded non-believer of that religion! Oh no! A non-believer. To be honest, who cares? It’s just a religion. Realistically, it doesn’t matter because it actually doesn’t exist. You are talking about a ‘divine being’ up in the sky making decisions for us and fate controlling our every move and shit. There is no fucking God. I do, however, believe in the afterlife and maybe reincarnation. I would like to think that when we die we are taken up to a place between ‘heaven’ and earth and asked if we want to be reincarnated as a human or an animal or asked if we want to be sent up to heaven. This would be more like it as you get to make your own fucking decisions. Unless you have committed a serious crime like murder or rape or such things. Because, frankly, if you have raped someone, then you don’t deserve the decision. Plus, I reckon that there is actually no hell. I think it is distinctly possible that we travel up to some place beyond Earth but not all of the way to heaven (I just tried to find the name of it for you guys but FAILED miserably) and get our souls weighed and all that old time shit before we are either forcibly sent back to Earth or given a choice of where we go next.

I also remember a funny joke that went a little like this… ‘What happens one day when we are all lining up to see our God and we get to him and he just holds up a sign that says Tricked You! What would happen then? We just all go to hell? All of us who believed in that God anyway. Or would we just lie in the bottom of some mass for all of eternity, feeling every bug that crawls over us, every little bit of decomposing that we do? That would be some purely creepy shit. Something that, if I’m totally honest, I don’t really want to have to go through at all. Which is why I don’t really believe in a God. Heaven doesn’t have to be directly related to God, right? At least, I don’t think so… I hope not…

Then there’s all of the twisted fucks that believe in wired ass religions. Like the Holy Steven. If you’ve ever seen that CSI episode, good on you. It was very strange. Weird ass dude with his own religion decides to go out to the desert with his disciple. He tells his disciple to go back with his holy staff piece of shit and then sits down to meditate. Then, (SPOILERS!!!!!) a bird drops a turtle on the motherfuckers head to try and break it’s (the turtles) shell. Weird ass shit. Pointless episode but it was quite a good watch. Anyway, tangent city and all, those kind of people who make up their own religions and shit get on my tits. Who the fuck cares if they are Christ come again? They aren’t. Because if they were, they would have healed the blind and all of that shit and everyone would instantly convert to that fucking religion. Even with the major religions, why so many? It’s not like there’s millions of major religions but there should really only be one. Then, most of the human race could unite. But then there would still be the believers and the non-believers which may start some kind of fucking massive religious war. Which would be utterly pointless.

We all love Hindu’s right? Them Buddha’s are just so lovable. But everyone who isn’t a Muslim seems to hate muslims. Or at least dislike them. There is no point to this. Then, they just want to fucking kill us all for taking the piss. Seriously though, what is with those turbans? Anyway, we all know the Christian’s. The hardcore ones piss me off because someone who has never lived can’t come back can they? No they fucking can’t. Pisses me off to high heaven (no pun intended!). Fucking Jesus freaks. The normal ass Christian’s I have no problem with. They just have their principle beliefs like ‘Thou Shalt Not Steal’ and ‘Thou Shalt not Kill’ and all of that shit. Which is an alright set of moral codes to live by I guess.

Oh, and just as an afterthought, no Bon Jovi, you are not halfway there and you are most certainly NOT living on a prayer as I find that kind of hard to deal with…


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