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June 17, 2009

Guest Post #1 – The ‘Prince of Darkness’ on ‘THE DOWNFALL OF SOCIETY’

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(I said that there would eventually be guest posts and here is the first one. It is written my dear friend The Prince. He is a lovely human being really. NOT! He is dark and twisted and all of that shit. So, with that said, happy reading)

I want to talk to you about THE DOWNFALL OF SOCIETY, it seems more and more people are using the Internet for means of communicating (I’ll admit I use basic email however much it pains me to say so) First came the phone, then the Internet, then the Ethernet (what ever that is). Many of my friends use the Internet to talk to each other when they are not together by means of MSN and what ever else there is bloody BEBO and what not. Many people tell me that its like texting (No its not you use a computer instead of a phone there is a difference!) oh and you might be wondering why am I using a ranting page to talk about my hate of chat pages (well its because I know how many people sad as they may be No offence is meant by that last comment, will read this rant on line, oh and I don’t have the money to start my own newspaper business) oh and this page belongs to my vassal Squirrel. Well my rant begins now a few months ago my princess (you humans may think of her as a girlfriend) did something on one of these chat rooms which most of the country knows about but I wont mention it for her sake and mine (God its degrading to think about it) but I almost dumped her over it. Oh but what pains me the most is that people talk about others behind their back there has been many a morning when I have come into school to be laughed at and hear people talking about how great I look in boxers “How do they bloody know! Has some self proclaimed pervert been watching me getting changed in P.E!” I do know who started that off and have ranted at them believe me. But would they talk about it in my presence No! Because I would kill them and they know it. Oh and I hope you all know that everything you have ever seen done or sent via the Internet is recorded in government files! So the next time you go on line to visit these chat rooms just think your friends are not the only ones reading your messages its all stored on a hard drive somewhere and read by some guy named Chris who’s real name I Sinbad! . Who’s scared now aren’t you just think all you have ever said to anyone has been seen by hundreds more people. Oh and also please! use proper grammar when your on line it make me feel sick when people use things like bbe and lol oh but what I particularly hate is c u 2morrow (why?) can you not be bothered to write to it’s only another key to press for gods sake. Oh and if Ozzy is reading this I’M THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS I was born in hell, you mortals call it earth!

Oh and I HATE ARGOS! Why do you never have anything I want in stock when I want it! (I’m crying right now)

(Me here again. Loved that one didn’t you? I have another coming very soon…)

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