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June 14, 2009

Dumb Fuckers

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I have just seen a prime example of this. One of my retard mates came up to another one of my mates and burned with with a hot poker. By poker I mean tongs that you hold to burn shit with in chemistry. The burn wasn’t that bad, quite tiny really but he just kept going on about it. Pissed me off to high heavens. If, indeed there is a heaven and if it is high. Which it might not be… Anyway, all he could say was ‘Ooohhh, you burned me. I can’t believe you did that. It hurts…’ and me proceeded to show everyone in the whole fucking class this little tiny burn on his hand which doesn’t hinder him in any way shape or form. Neither or these dudes are that bad really, they’re both quite sound. Not normally that dumb or whingy.

Another one of my retard mates was trying to set up a WordPress blog solely with the WordPress app for iPhone and me and my mate who blog quite often were like ‘No mate, you have to go on the website first and register a blog so that nobody has taken the name’ but he just wouldn’t listen. He tried every password he could think of and still couldn’t get it. In the end, we just thought, fuck him and went about our business. We had tried to get through to him but we had sadly failed. I am willing to bet that he comes in tomorrow and says, I went on that WordPress site but it just gave me a shitload of wanky files. Even though we told him specifically that as he didn’t his own website, he needed the .com and not the .org WordPress site. I swear that his mind is either so full of shit that he just doesn’t get it or he has no brain cells to speak of. Maybe he’s just terminally mentally ill. (From the next day: HE DID!)

Another thing that can identify a dumb fucker is the people who have weird and decorative IM handles. The odd ❤ isn’t so bad (that doesn’t really look like a love heart) but when you get shit like /./,\.\Beast/./,\.\Boy/./,\.\ then you know exactly who you’re dealing with. A dumb ass, cretin licking, mouthbreathing retarded dipshit. Some of the people I know still do this. I wonder who…

Some fuckers are dumb because they can’t help it and that’s alright. I guess. At least these fuckers don’t drive. The dumb fuckers who drive are possibly some of the worst drivers, nay, some of the worst human beings on the Earth. You see, the ones who drive scooters with the little ‘L’ plate on the back are possibly the worst offenders. They will go on roads with speed limits that they know their little hair dryer powered shitmobile can’t match. As such, they stop us non retarded people from getting to places where we really need to be. They are also ignorant little fuckers, hence why they drive in the middle of the road. If they drove on the left hand side, normal cars could pass them and they we wouldn’t think that they were all useless twats. Also, just because you are young and you have a little sticker with a letter ‘L’ on it doesn’t mean that I’m not going to shunt your ass until you either move the fuck out of my way or you DIE!

People who go on talent shows but have fuck all talent also fall under the rather wide umbrella of dumb fuckers. Like some of the dumb old fucks that you see on Britain’s Got Talent. Example: that old motherfucker who liked to forward roll on the stage. I ranted about him on ‘The Elderly‘ post. Why must he do this? Does he think it’s funny or cool that because he is an old man he can do forward rolls on a stage with lots of scantily clad women around him. At his age, can you even still get a hard-on? I don’t think you can. Thus the women with no fear of getting busted for having a boner on stage! I know that any other man would defiantly have a raging lob on.


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