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June 10, 2009

Life Pt 1

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Morning, bitches. This, as you can probably tell if you have upwards of a double-digit brain cell count, is going to be a series of rants that I will do whenever I basically have nothing else to talk about. That doesn’t mean that it will shit however. These will probably be the rants that I will add to every day or so and then release them as a kind of midweek special. So, with that explained for all of the dumb fuckers out there, I shall begin…


So, fuckers. Ranting about life. This could be devilishly easy or it could be very fucking difficult. As I have just had to go through the extreme pain of having injections, this should be easier. Injections are fucking stupid. Why must I have them?If countries like Africa and shit just got their act together, we wouldn’t have to have a cum-load of injections. If we can fuck using protection then so the fuck can they. We just need to take supply balloons overhead and drop a shitload of Trojan’s and Magnum’s and shit so that don’t ass-fuck each other butterball naked. Just sheath your sword you skanky cunts. Also, drink clean water! It can’t be that fucking hard.

Another thing that is getting on mine and the whole fucking schools collective tits is how much teachers tell students to TUCK THEIR SHIRTS IN! This pisses me off to the extreme and as most people know, that’s not a good idea. If you piss me off, you’re asking for it. Some clungefaced motherfucker decided to try his luck once… He didn’t do well. Anyway, these teachers are also hypocrites to a certain degree. Sure, some of them tuck their shirts (mainly the men) but the others (women) all wear dresses and shit so they can’t practice what they preach. Dick-faces. I know that this pisses most of the school off simply because a lot of students go around with their shirts purposely untucked and whenever a teacher tells them to tuck it in, they pretend to at the front and then untuck it when the teacher has gone around the corner. I am one of these people. Mainly because teachers all piss me off. They’re all cunt-muscles really. See the teachers post for more information.

The prospect of an archenemy is a strange one. In the words of Wikipedia ‘An archenemy, archfoe, archvillain or archnemesis (sometimes spelled arch-enemy, arch-foe, arch-villain or arch-nemesis) is the principal enemy of a character in a work of fiction, often described as the hero’s worst enemy.’ Whilst this may be true, I am, as far as I am aware, not living in a world of fiction, thus realistically negating the need for me to have an archenemy. Right? Wrong. If shit goes wrong, there is always someone to blame. It could be yourself of it could be your brother or sister. Most of the time it’s you. Something you’ve said or done. Well, at least, that’s what you think. Think of a time when you feel that you have done something wrong. Now, is there any possible way in which you could have been provoked? If you smacked your brother upside the head and he ran off crying because he is a little pussy, did he call you names like shit-face, fuck-wad or cum-guzzler? Did he grass (other meanings of ‘grass:’ tell on, dob, etc.) on you? Did he spit at you or any other random shit like that? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, it wasn’t your fault. Well, not entirely. If it was you younger brother or someone younger than you then sure, you should have had the maturity to not beat the living shit out of him but I bet it was fun, right? Or at least funny? Ha! Of course it was. You loved thumping the tits off them. On the other hand, if it was someone older than you, well done for having the scrote to hand their ass to them on a silver platter. Well I hope it was silver. Or gold. Or else that would have been very disrespectful… The act of beating the wanger of them wasn’t disrespectful at all. Unless it was your Granddad. Then you’re a little cunt-muscle. Anyway, after that MASSIVE tangent, back onto the subject at hand. My nemesis. He has a fucking HUGE head and he is extremely SHORT! I like to take the piss out of him (behind his back obviously because he and his little gang of bitches would beat the living shit out of me!) for these factors. He also speaks like a total GIMP. More ammunition. I smacked him once in the changing rooms though. Left handed. Then, he had none of his cronies or even mates to back him up so he fucked off in the opposite direction like a little pussy and I remember it actually brought tears to his eyes. Tears. What a pussy. Plus the fact that I hit him with my left hand and I am right handed! Woofter.

Social gatherings are another thing that fucks me off. Parties and such. With these things, you either go or you get called socially retarded. Why though? It’s just an ego fest. You either get pissed upon by theĀ dick-faced twats or you piss upon the dick-faced twats. Neither is a really good idea because people think that you are either a pussy for being pissed on by everyone or a dick-wad for pissing on everyone. Not literally piss by the way. Verbal piss. Oh, you know what I mean. Or you should by now.


I think that’s it for pt 1. Looking forward to pt 2? I know you are…

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