Maybe So…

June 7, 2009


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Just to clarify, I don’t mean the moaners in the sexual or orgasmic way. I mean the motherfuckers who won’t stop whinging their tits off. Like a few of my friends who can never stop whining about a shit film or TV show that they have seen.

Now, moaning can also be a good thing. It is a way to release stress. I like think that it is kind of like verbal masturbation. So, as you are reading this, you are getting an insight to my world of masturbation… Not literally of course. Just sit on that one for a while.

So as moaning is an outlet for stress or frustration, I should be very stress free and relaxed right? Wrong. You meet new mouthbreathers every day. I met today. I was queueing. In England. Surprise. Anyway, I met a big heavy set retard who felt the need to say hello to me. Our conversation turned into me trying to explain what a blog is and I think he didn’t get it. Even after five minutes of talking to him. I then realized that I had met a real life example of a retard. It was a fascinating experience. I almost asked him for an autograph but I thought that would make me into a bit of a mouthbreather. So I just left the queue and went home. People say that all the British ever do is moan and queue. You know what? It’s true.

I don’t mind a bit of a moan (hehe) but when it’s all people do then it gets slightly mundane. Like one of my mates, all he does is moan about shit. It is a waste of life. Moaning a bit is a great use of life. It makes you feel much better about yourself. Mainly because you get to piss on others whilst you are moaning which is always. The desecration of others is a favourite of mine.

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