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June 5, 2009


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War. When one macho man thinks that he is a harder bitch than another macho man and he feels the need to involve his whole fucking country in his dumb ass clunge-fuck. Hitler is a great example of this. Except he felt bigger than most of the motherfucking world. All of these such people are really just cunt-balls. Some might say that war is a manly thing and one can show of ones courage and patriotism but really, it’s just a crock of shit. As you can probably tell, I am a little bit of a pacifist but I still play on war games and shit. Hypocrite, you say? Nay, nay. I just don’t like the idea of the government sending dumb ass motherfuckers into foreign countries to die for ‘their country.’ It’s just bollocks. Their lives are wasted with what could be sorted out by words, not violence (sorry to sound like a pussy but it’s true).

North Korea is being a bit of a twat lately right? Just because Kim Jung-il is ‘ronery, so ronery’ doesn’t mean that we should have to pay the price for all of his nuclear weapons and crap. I mean ‘us’ including the North Korean citizens. Unless they are supporting him. In which case, FUCK THE HELL OFF! I hope too terribly that we’re not ‘breakin my balls here Hans.’ (By the way, if anyone got the Team America reference, good on you!)

Now, onto a more normal kind of violence, (depending on where in the world you live, of course!) street fights. Nothing like the Street Fighter franchise, I mean more of the dumb ass bald English motherfuckers, fueled up on alcohol and ready to attempt to beat the shit out of the guy who made a passing comment about his clothes. Not always about his clothes, mind you. Could have been about a particularly shit baseball cap he was wearing or the fact that he was so pissed he had flopped his cock out and was beating one out. These types of people piss me off so much. All they do is piss people off just to try and massage their own ego by being ‘harder’ then someone else. Half the time, everyone at the public place that they have their fight just wants them to fuck off and die anyway so why do it in the first place. I mean, I’ve been in fights and won but that was when I was younger and less mature! I guess what I’m trying to say here is that all these cock munchers really are is just dick flopping mouthbreathers with nothing better to do on a Friday night than piss people off. Now that I think about it, that’s kind of chav mentality… SURPRISE!

Cartoon violence or violence in games is alright because it’s not really happening, even though people like to think that the minds of the youth of today are being corrupted by video games, it’s just the booze! Too much drink. Dumb fuckers. A good point is raised in the film High Fidelity where it is suggested that it’s not the films and shit that is corrupting our minds, it is the MUSIC. Not saying that music is bad as I am a musician also and I love music but stop blaming all of this shit on games and films. Don’t let your kid buy games of a certain age unless they are of that age or older or you know that they are mature enough to handle it. I mean, me and my mates play games of a higher age rating than us but, and I hate to say this, we are all mature enough to handle the content without having to go and rob cars or shoot people.

So pretty much all I’m saying is that violence is not necessary in everyday life but it is alright in films and games and music. As long as you can handle it!


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  1. Yo biatch you had better put a link on this site to my page, hence returning the favor. BTW a good moan there!.

    Comment by lifetbh — June 5, 2009 @ 9:13 pm | Reply

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