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June 4, 2009


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I would like to think that I use fairly good grammar on a daily basis. Sure I say ‘lol’ in IM sometimes but that’s a given. The kind of thing I am talking about is where you get people who speak like ‘yh ppl wuu2 lol tbh cba brb’ and shit like that. They are mostly dumb fuckers as the people who are well spoken normally talk on IM like they do in real life. It is much easier to talk to people on-line when the do that. Most of the time the people who speak like retards are chav’s.

Everyone does it occasionally. We all use ‘brb’ from time to tell people where we are going. That doesn’t mean that we are all clunge-monkeys. Some of my mates do this and they piss me off. It’s alright if you just want to reply to a mate by saying ‘kk’ or something like that but if the ‘text speak’ is more than a few words, it gets on my bell end.

Retards who speak in tongues also fuck me off. They come up to you and say ‘yup yall right en bruv?’ and I think what a cunt muscle. A few of my classmates are these aforementioned twat-bags. Whilst I am writing this, a spanner with overly large teeth came up and asked me ‘wha u doin?’ when I specifically stated the purpose of my rant.


I think I have ran out of steam on this one also. Apologies. As my penance, I will do two today. If I can find the time to pull another one out of my arse!

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