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June 29, 2009

Euthanasia and The Death Penalty

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I honestly don’t see the problem that some mouthbreathing retards have with euthanasia. If the motherfucker is going to die and you killing them will make it less painful, why prolong their suffering? Especially if they ask you to. If it is a persons dying wish to have the pain stop, don’t you reckon that you should grant their wish? I sure as fuck do. It would be disrespectful otherwise.

I can see what people like doctors and shit have against it due to the fact that it is in their moral codes to save whatever life they fucking can. But in the case of a four year old child who has to have both arms and both legs cut off to stop a cancer from spreading or some such shit, what the fuck is the point? He is just going to grow up not being able to use any of his appendages (besides his dick which, without arms or legs either verges on incest (if you don’t get that, get some education) or insanity) and getting ridiculed by his peers. Not to be mean or shit but just kill the poor motherfucker now. Or if you feel like being more ‘humane’ then kill him quicker. It would be easier on him in the long run and also easier on taxpayers money as we would not have to pay for the little motherfuckers surgery and fake limbs and shit. Far from being wrong, my particular view is that it is more humane to kill them quicker than to prolong their physical and mental suffering. Even if it is an animal. They have feelings too you know! Fuck off scretins. Go and fuck a deer if they have feelings! I fucking know that they have feelings you dumb mouthbreathers. If I shot one in the ballsack, it would feel pretty intense pain. No shit, you may say. But that’s what these dumb fuckers are trying to make us believe when we already know it. YOU ARE WASTING YOUR FUCKING TIME RETARDS!

Now onto the death penalty. Why should we not have the death penalty reinstated? The only reason that the mouthbreathers can come up with is ‘What if they got it wrong?’ What if they fucking got it wrong? They wouldn’t get it wrong every fucking time. Hardly ever I should think. So just bring it back and see what happens. But only bring it back in certain cases when the judge deems that kind of shit necessary. Lock up the silly fuckers who nick a TV from a shop but hang the cunts who like to commit double homicides in their spare time.

Special measures should be given for people who commit really fucked up crimes. Like that ‘Baby Pete’ case. That dude should have had his head bitten by a rottweiler. The head of his wanger. Much more painful you see. The twisted fucks who do this kind of heinous shit should have what they did to the other people done to them. Like if they raped a woman, a woman who felt like a nice bit of revenge could come along with a huge, veiny, purple strapon and fuck the dude in the ass until he died. Or a dude with a really small dick could come along and fuck him in the ear until he split something open. That would be fairly sick, yes. But you would find someone willing to do it. Then we’ll see how many sick motherfucking mouthbreathers still do sick shit like this. Sadly enough probably the same amount that do now. Just less repeat offenders. Because the motherfuckers would be six feet under. HA!


I think all that I needed to say has been said in this one so bye for now!


June 26, 2009

Guest Post #3 – Winny on English Teachers

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(OK, I’m not going to correct any of the spelling errors in this post as I think it makes it all the more enjoyable!)

What can I say there all bastards. Jus because a NAZI following power fucker gives them a job they can run the bloody school. They can do wat the fuck they want when it come to school but I would pay to meet them out side and se them on fire. As u can tell I feel very strongly for the death of all English teachers let me tell you y. it started with a teacher who I can only describes as though she was raped by a monkey at birth and from the very start she hated me, no not hated wanted to fuckin fail me. First she loses all my work this proper pissed me off so I got my parents to go in and talk to her she shit herself and decided to do all my work for me. Teaches her fuckin right, moody bitches all of them. At last she’d left the fuckin building only to find that her fuck ugly twin had replaced her, now this bitch, she was worse she made me want the monkey fucked at birth teacher back. She looked like an under privileged Nigerian butt plug maker. So the story goes on I finish my coursework with high Bs but that’s not fuckin good enough is it the fucker wanted As and I couldn’t give her fuckin As because I aint the brightest fucker when it comes to English but I aint the dumbest shit there either. And then the worst she threatens to stop me going on this trip at the end of the year typical feltcher so no matter wat the fucker says I goin so fuck all of erm. Now today me and my mate were on the topic of vagicil for those who don’t know (cream for women who have a rash on there Minge) I we said is there such a thing as anasil for ur arse then began a list of different ones such as sodisil for gays shaftasil bellendasil and my favourite necrofilasil which refers to my teacher. Now your thinking he’s jus goin say she goes out and uses it but I wont I’m saying she’s been the victim of it being used on because she looks like she needs a good moistening so in the end they’re all cunts.

(It did, right?)

June 24, 2009


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I really don’t see why people are offended by swearing. They are just words. ‘Fuck’ is just a four letter word, as is the word ‘book.’ People say book every day but some frown on the people like me who say ‘fuck’ and ‘shit’ too much. Really, this kind of ‘Holier Than Thou’ attitude gets on my tits so bad as these dumb mouthbreathers can’t seem to try and blend with society; they just want to be high up motherfuckers and act like they are better than everyone else in the whole motherfucking world. When I tell a joke and people frown on it or they say ‘Your sense of humor is very crude,’ I just have to say ‘No shit.’ Some people love my type of humor and will wet themselves listening to me go on for fifty whole minutes (you know who you are!) but others feel the need to piss all over me for it. Even the nicest, most respectful girl in our fucking class laughed at me a little bit, she didn’t feel the need to shot all over me and say ‘Oh, that’s disgusting.’ No, she fucking enjoyed herself listening to the foul shit that comes out of my mouth like VD. Not the STI VD, the Verbal Dihorrea VD. Make more sense now? No? Good.

Swearing is also an integral part of life. Without swearing, we would not be able to get our point across half as well. We can either say ‘Oh, that silly girl jumped out in front of my car’ or we can say ‘That crazy bitch jumped in front of my fucking car!’ Sure, the latter is a little bit more angry but at the expense of what? People moral values? Bull shit. If swearing offends you, don’t associate yourself with me. You would probably start to piss me off very soon after we met anyway. It’s best to keep the prudes with the prudes and the normal, swearing people with the normal, swearing people.

Then, there’s the people who swear too much. I swear too much but I’m talking about the over excessive people who try and fit four swear words into every fucking sentence. That’s a talent really. I can’t believe what i just said. Perfect example. I just called them ‘swear words.’ Today’s children are being brought up with the views that ‘Swearing is wrong and I shouldn’t do it.’ It’s not like you’re raping a young, defenseless woman and then dumping her in a lake to let her drown. There are just words. If I ever have a kid, I won’t swear that much around him but when he starts hearing swearing from other people, then I won’t mind if he swears in the house. I won’t ground him for three weeks for saying that something is ‘shit’ or ‘crap’ because those words will never hurt anybody. Anyway, back onto topic point at hand; the people who use too many swear words just make it harder for the rest of us. Because it’s like racial stereotypes; we ‘swearers’ are all the same to the prudes. If a prude hears one person swear eight times per sentence then she will think that he is a ‘silly individual’ and when she/he hears me say ‘shit’ or ‘fuck’ then she/he will tarnish me with the same brush. Even though I am really a nice young man (no, really), she/he will think that I am just a cussing motherfucker. Although she/he wouldn’t use the word ‘motherfucker.’

The use of a swear word can release tension or help pain. If you walk into a lamppost and then promptly shout ‘FUCK!’ then you will feel much better because you let the rage escape than you would if you had suffered in silence. I also think that this is why children cry more than adults. Kids don’t fall over and say ‘Oh bollocks that hurt’ they simply just cry. Which is a little irritating. I wish kids could just say ‘FUCK!’ when they failed to walk or fell down a slide the wrong way because this would be much easier on the world’s ears than if they just cried all the fucking time like they do now. As you can tell, crying babies really piss me the fuck off. See, right then, there was no need for me to use so many ‘swear words’ but it made me feel a bit better because I did.

In a fairly twisted and roundabout way, swearing is like busting a nut. Some dudes do swear when they bust a nut. Busting a nut, for the unaware, is jizzing, cumming, spunking or all of the other random words that mean when sticky white stuff comes out of your bell end. Crude, I know but i like to be blunt. Swearing is a release of tension I guess. Unless you’re one of those weird motherfuckers that just can’t stop swearing. Like the ones with tourettes. I think I may have a mild bout of tourettes. People with touretts are funny. The kind of tourettes that includes random iterations of the words ‘fuck,’ ‘shit,’ ‘bollocks,’ ‘cunt,’ etc. People who make fun of people with touretts make me ashamed to live on the same planet as them. These people can’t help it so why are you making fun of them for it?


June 22, 2009


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Ok now, a friend helped me a little bit with this one. I’ll put her points up first and then let myself loose from then on. This could go off the rails big style!


‘… with the all-in-one tracksuits, made by Nike which some poor sodding child in Sudan has spent the last remaining hours of it’s life creating but, oh well, as long as it looks “bezzin” it’s all hunky dory.’

‘Oh, and the jewelry they wear too! Don’t even get me started on that.! “Yeah it’s real gold mate innit bear like, all the way from Nazareth.” For a start, they don’t have gold mines in Nazareth and you’re just talking “bear shit” because you probably don’t know where Nazareth is and it won’t be real gold either.’

‘… and you can always tell who the gf’s of these chav’s are, cause they look like Viki Pollard, you can spot their “real gold” jewelry that their bf got them from a mile away. And their orange faces; did your dad fuck a wotsit?!’

Now, even for my standard, this is pretty good. I mean, less swearing than I am used to but that will change. About… NOW! What the fuck do they think they are doing? Fucking with people. I hate those dumb motherfuckers that just love to make every ones life a massive, steaming pile of shit. Plus, their live f normally more of a steaming pile of shit than the poor shit whose life they are trying to fuck with. Silly clungefuckers. The tracksuits really do piss me off. It’s like a universal chav uniform. I mean, when I go out, I like to wear smart casual shit like jeans and a nice t-shirt but when these dumb motherfuckers go out, they wear these all-in-one tracksuits. Which make them look like n00bs. In fact, this is why all of the old faggots like to say ‘Oh, the youth of today‘ and they say it to the normal people. Well, I’m not normal by any stretch of the imagination but I mean to the non chav’s. And those poor Sudanese children. Slave labor really sucks and Nike should be shut down if this is true. Dumb shits.

The jewelry, oh the jewelry. It looks like my baby cousin made it out of the long pasta that you get and painted it gold. It sucks so hard. Most of the time they just buy it from Argos anyway. Not Nazareth. I agree, they don’t even know where the fuck Nazareth is. It’s the childhood residence of Jesus dumb asses. Although, these fuckers probably don’t even know anything about Jesus. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t exactly believe in him myself. I just think people should have some knowledge of religions so that they don’t just piss on everyone else’s. If you want more views on religion from me, check out my ‘religion post.’ You know you want to…

Anyway, chav girlfriends. They are just all fucking sluts and slags. Incidentally, check out that post ‘HERE.’ I will say that all of them don’t look like Viki Pollard, most are far, far worse. Fucking spots coming out of every millimeter of their body that they have had an EPIC MAKEUP FAIL whilst trying to cover them up. I feel like telling to not even bother because even with shitloads of makeup on, they still look as ugly as my left ass cheek. Slappers. Also, wotsit fucking is just weird as fuck. Why would you fuck a little orange piece of shit that most people just eat? Silly orange motherfuckers. How can they possibly think they look anything close to good with a face as orange as a fucking tangerine. It just looks fucking ridiculous and I don’t see how they can have the balls to go in public looking as shit as that.

Now onto some points of my own. What i also don’t get is how fucking hard they think they are. It does my head in. They are always going ‘Yeah, you want a fight mate? Yeah? You want some?’ The best thing to say to them then is ‘Yeah, go on then. If you insist.’ Because they will either make up some lame ass excuse about not wanting to stove your head in or they just won’t show. In reality, they are all just pussies. We all know it in our bell end of bell ends. It’s sad really. How come they can’t just be normal fuckers lie the rest of us. They have to ‘stand out‘ from the crown and make the rest of the youth of today look like tit fuckers.

I think I may have mentioned this earlier on but why the fuck do they have to spoil it for the rest of us. Like the shop down the road from me only allows two school kids in at one time. TWO! It sounds ridiculous but I can see their point. Back in the old days where any amount of dumb ass motherfucking school kids could go in, all of the chavs used to go inside in groups and one of them would buy something and the rest of them would all take a drink or a chocolate bar. I just kept on thinking why? Why the fuck steal something that’s only worth 60P anyway? It’s not worth getting nicked for. Just pay the 60P so that everyone else doesn’t think that your a complete dumb ass.


As you can probably tell, the two of us fucking hate chavs with a passion. Surprise!

Social Classes

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Why the fuck do social classes even exist? All they do is instigate a pissing match between fellow human beings. The upper class frowning on, well, every other motherfucker on this earth because they are dumb, toffee nosed, set for life mouthbreathers and the lower class feeling like we all hate them because they are crayon loving (some of you will get that), butt-hash smoking, inbreeding felchers. And we ALL do. Sorry but sometimes tough love works wonders. Sometimes, however, it creates grounds for war, suicide or just death in general. Sometimes death in general can be a good thing. When the world is as overcrowded as it is now, a good bit of youthanasia is all the human race needs. Especially with those fucking Chinese.

Sometimes however, I feel that social classes are warranted. If this seems wrong to you in some way, fuck off. Just fuck off NOW! Anyway, the reason that I am also for social classes is that when you see the tramps and the stinky motherfucking kids who actually haven’t heard of the simple act of rubbing ones body with soap and then washing the soap off ones body, you realise one thing in particular; they can’t be on the same plane of existence as the Queen. That’s just wrong. Mainly because she takes a bath. I would hope…


There’s not really much more to say in this topic… Shame. More next time!

June 20, 2009

Bitches Who Copy My Shit

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Bitchs who like to copy my shit really get on my non existant tits! They pussy around, like over licked fanny dweling clunge monkeys, singing ” do your tits hang low, do they woble to and throw,” Fucking dick plashes who get refused a blow job from the village bycicle (who conisidently have every fucking STI under the epic sun).
I find that these bitchs enjoy trying to fit in with the crowd by keeping up with the latest thing, even it means copying others peoples ideas, fuck wits.
Some ask permision before rapping the chode* however some muff faces just take liberties. In doing so they really get, once again, on my non existant tits!! I believe that these lube tubes tend to bite off more than they can chew; this is a lot, considering they are nosebreathers who constantly give deep throat to an unsheathed donkey!
Yes they are definately bitch boys, and must be avoided at all costs!! My mates also hate these rent boys!!
*= generalized example

(The wonderfully gifted dude over at ‘Gripe of Life‘ has written a wonderful post about motherfuckers who copy peoples shit. I totally agree and although he did kinda (totally!) copy my idea, I don’t mind so much. The dude over at the ‘Life Through The Eyes of Blog‘ however, not so much. Even though I just plugged the shit out of him… So mainly, check out ‘Gripe of Life‘ because it rocks. If you’re feeling really bored, check out ‘Life Through The Eyes of Blog.’ Just to remind you, this is his work and he has allowed me to copy it as we both feel the same way. I have corrected a couple of spelling mistakes though…)

Bitches who like to copy my shit really get on my non existent tits! They pussy around, like over licked fanny dweling, clunge monkeys, singing ” do your tits hang low, do they b to and throw,” Fucking dick splashes who get refused a blow job from the village bicycle (who coincidentally have every fucking STI under the epic sun).

I find that these bitches enjoy trying to fit in with the crowd by keeping up with the latest thing, even it means copying others peoples ideas, fuck wits.

Some ask permission before raping the chode* however some muff faces just take liberties. In doing so they really get, once again, on my non existent tits! I believe that these lube tubes tend to bite off more than they can chew; this is a lot, considering they are nosebreathers who constantly give deep throat to an unsheathed donkey!

Yes they are definitely bitch boys, and must be avoided at all costs!! My mates also hate these rent boys!!

*= generalized example

June 19, 2009

Guest Post #2 – ‘Jakanory Jones’ Rants on ‘Terminator Salvation’

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Good luck reading this one, this dude loves to use ‘LOL SP33K’ way to much.

Ok the film was OSSIM the first time I watched it ( and yes rob if u r watchin this I am usin EPIC LOL SP33K. C U TMW)  Anywayz it had loads of fan stuff init like the scar on is face, a=Arnie wich the CG was dun mazinly and of crse the bike scene whr he puts guns n roses on wat im pretty sure is the same radio as T2. First time I watched it I thort they wud be cutting thru loads of terminators but thr was like 4 of the big chunky terminators. L  The second time rnd I watccherd it I noticed that the termynaytors giv da hoomans a bajillionty chgances tu escape! In Terminator 1 Arnie jus pulls this guys heart out and strangles tehm but in this new one the terminators (including arnie) keep throwin them at walls! Its like im going to throw you conveniently near that gun and stand conveniently infront of this molten metal and walk vveeeeeery slowly towards you. But if anything cud be dun they shud haf lots more foghts w/ the T-600. Oh yh and they are SOOOOO bad at killin people with the aim of a cracked up monkey! And in the 1st one Kyle reese describes the T-600 as being easy to spot cuz they had rubber skin, but they r like 8 ft tall and groan and creak and make funny noises! No wunder they wer easy to spot! Plus they have machine gns attached tu their arms with a big back pack full of ammo! I mean how the fudge cud they paas for hooman?|!!?

Oh and giving Marcus wright choice to not kill hoomans? WTF and he found kyle just randomly like wtf and tht was his mission tht he wasn’t aware of and wudnt he haf noticed that he cudnt see in colour any moore? You wud jus make a robot that seemed human witht that story that completely believes he is human but w/out freee will. BAD NO!

Twisted fucker, right?

Lying Mouthbreathers

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Classic example is our German teacher about five minutes ago. She told us that we only had to do a presentation but then she sprung a fucking role play on us! Lying bitch. She pisses me the fuck off. She thinks that she is a fair teacher but she really isn’t. She takes the piss and dumb people in our class don’t even know what she’s on about.

Contrary to popular belief, lying is a sin. At least, that’s what I think. I like to berate people who lie or bullshit a lot because it is quite funny to watch them squirm when you know that they have no explanation.

They also believe that they are the dogs bollocks, muts nuts, bees knees, etc. Everyone around them thinks that they are a total asshole. Adding to that the fact that they are so far up their own ass they can see their pancreas and you have a prime example of a lying mouthbreather who is hated by everyone that they have ever considered a ‘friend.’ Just to qualify, they have no friends. At least in the modern sense of the word.

June 17, 2009

Guest Post #1 – The ‘Prince of Darkness’ on ‘THE DOWNFALL OF SOCIETY’

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(I said that there would eventually be guest posts and here is the first one. It is written my dear friend The Prince. He is a lovely human being really. NOT! He is dark and twisted and all of that shit. So, with that said, happy reading)

I want to talk to you about THE DOWNFALL OF SOCIETY, it seems more and more people are using the Internet for means of communicating (I’ll admit I use basic email however much it pains me to say so) First came the phone, then the Internet, then the Ethernet (what ever that is). Many of my friends use the Internet to talk to each other when they are not together by means of MSN and what ever else there is bloody BEBO and what not. Many people tell me that its like texting (No its not you use a computer instead of a phone there is a difference!) oh and you might be wondering why am I using a ranting page to talk about my hate of chat pages (well its because I know how many people sad as they may be No offence is meant by that last comment, will read this rant on line, oh and I don’t have the money to start my own newspaper business) oh and this page belongs to my vassal Squirrel. Well my rant begins now a few months ago my princess (you humans may think of her as a girlfriend) did something on one of these chat rooms which most of the country knows about but I wont mention it for her sake and mine (God its degrading to think about it) but I almost dumped her over it. Oh but what pains me the most is that people talk about others behind their back there has been many a morning when I have come into school to be laughed at and hear people talking about how great I look in boxers “How do they bloody know! Has some self proclaimed pervert been watching me getting changed in P.E!” I do know who started that off and have ranted at them believe me. But would they talk about it in my presence No! Because I would kill them and they know it. Oh and I hope you all know that everything you have ever seen done or sent via the Internet is recorded in government files! So the next time you go on line to visit these chat rooms just think your friends are not the only ones reading your messages its all stored on a hard drive somewhere and read by some guy named Chris who’s real name I Sinbad! . Who’s scared now aren’t you just think all you have ever said to anyone has been seen by hundreds more people. Oh and also please! use proper grammar when your on line it make me feel sick when people use things like bbe and lol oh but what I particularly hate is c u 2morrow (why?) can you not be bothered to write to it’s only another key to press for gods sake. Oh and if Ozzy is reading this I’M THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS I was born in hell, you mortals call it earth!

Oh and I HATE ARGOS! Why do you never have anything I want in stock when I want it! (I’m crying right now)

(Me here again. Loved that one didn’t you? I have another coming very soon…)


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Religion is most definitely a touchy subject but I feel that as a touchy subject, it needs to be covered on here…

The problem with religion is the simple fact that if you anger a dude from one religion, they get all of their bible buddies on you. (Interesting fact: the bible is the most shoplifted book in the world!) If these are muslims, you’re in trouble. Not to take the piss out of the muslims but they are a bit fucking extreme. You may be reading this thinking ‘I’m not an extreme muslim’ and this may be true. It’s not all of you guys. It’s just an over generalization that everyone in the whole wide world makes which is slightly sad really. Nobody in the world today can say that they fully accept the beliefs of all of the different world religions. The spread of ethical beliefs is so wide that you will probably disagree with one or another. Thus making you a dreaded non-believer of that religion! Oh no! A non-believer. To be honest, who cares? It’s just a religion. Realistically, it doesn’t matter because it actually doesn’t exist. You are talking about a ‘divine being’ up in the sky making decisions for us and fate controlling our every move and shit. There is no fucking God. I do, however, believe in the afterlife and maybe reincarnation. I would like to think that when we die we are taken up to a place between ‘heaven’ and earth and asked if we want to be reincarnated as a human or an animal or asked if we want to be sent up to heaven. This would be more like it as you get to make your own fucking decisions. Unless you have committed a serious crime like murder or rape or such things. Because, frankly, if you have raped someone, then you don’t deserve the decision. Plus, I reckon that there is actually no hell. I think it is distinctly possible that we travel up to some place beyond Earth but not all of the way to heaven (I just tried to find the name of it for you guys but FAILED miserably) and get our souls weighed and all that old time shit before we are either forcibly sent back to Earth or given a choice of where we go next.

I also remember a funny joke that went a little like this… ‘What happens one day when we are all lining up to see our God and we get to him and he just holds up a sign that says Tricked You! What would happen then? We just all go to hell? All of us who believed in that God anyway. Or would we just lie in the bottom of some mass for all of eternity, feeling every bug that crawls over us, every little bit of decomposing that we do? That would be some purely creepy shit. Something that, if I’m totally honest, I don’t really want to have to go through at all. Which is why I don’t really believe in a God. Heaven doesn’t have to be directly related to God, right? At least, I don’t think so… I hope not…

Then there’s all of the twisted fucks that believe in wired ass religions. Like the Holy Steven. If you’ve ever seen that CSI episode, good on you. It was very strange. Weird ass dude with his own religion decides to go out to the desert with his disciple. He tells his disciple to go back with his holy staff piece of shit and then sits down to meditate. Then, (SPOILERS!!!!!) a bird drops a turtle on the motherfuckers head to try and break it’s (the turtles) shell. Weird ass shit. Pointless episode but it was quite a good watch. Anyway, tangent city and all, those kind of people who make up their own religions and shit get on my tits. Who the fuck cares if they are Christ come again? They aren’t. Because if they were, they would have healed the blind and all of that shit and everyone would instantly convert to that fucking religion. Even with the major religions, why so many? It’s not like there’s millions of major religions but there should really only be one. Then, most of the human race could unite. But then there would still be the believers and the non-believers which may start some kind of fucking massive religious war. Which would be utterly pointless.

We all love Hindu’s right? Them Buddha’s are just so lovable. But everyone who isn’t a Muslim seems to hate muslims. Or at least dislike them. There is no point to this. Then, they just want to fucking kill us all for taking the piss. Seriously though, what is with those turbans? Anyway, we all know the Christian’s. The hardcore ones piss me off because someone who has never lived can’t come back can they? No they fucking can’t. Pisses me off to high heaven (no pun intended!). Fucking Jesus freaks. The normal ass Christian’s I have no problem with. They just have their principle beliefs like ‘Thou Shalt Not Steal’ and ‘Thou Shalt not Kill’ and all of that shit. Which is an alright set of moral codes to live by I guess.

Oh, and just as an afterthought, no Bon Jovi, you are not halfway there and you are most certainly NOT living on a prayer as I find that kind of hard to deal with…


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