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May 22, 2009

Your Mum Jokes

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Why, oh why do dumb motherfuckers choose to say ‘your mum’ after every fucking question that you ask them. Example:

Person A: ‘What are you doing this weekend?’

Person B: ‘Your mum.’

Now I find this extremely irritating as you cannot really have a meaningful conversation with these people. Also, they are mostly male due to the fact that if they were female, most of them would be saying ‘your dad.’

Also what gets on my tits a little bit is the fact that people choose to be ‘smart’ and attempt to come up with witty insults by using the factors of ‘I did your mum last night’ or something similar and then at some point, they started to add more bits onto it like ‘and she was awesome.’ I don’t mind the ‘Yo Mamma’ jokes but the home brew versions are normally strange and crap. None of the mouthbreathers that I know can come up with any decent ones anyway. My favourite one is still ‘I suck, but your mum doesn’t mind.’ I actually don’t know quite why I like this one so much I just think that really, it makes no sense and like that about a your mum joke because it confuses people more.


I meant to use more fucks and shits and bollocks in this post but I really didn’t. Shame on me. Oh well, that just means more in the next one.

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