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May 19, 2009


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Ahhh lag. The n00bs best friend. But why? Why do they have to fuck up everyone’s games because of it? Here, I am talking about the retards that like to piss people off by creating lag themselves and I honestly do not see the fun in that. Why not just get your experience the way that every other muffmuncher in the world does? Because you’re a muffdiver. You’re a willydribbler and a knobgobbler. Yes, I do sometimes come up with new insults in my sleep. Clunge is my new favourite but I got that one from a TV show.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. The people who just have shit connections because they are on Orange internet of some shit like that are kind of excused but for fucks sake, just get a decent connection. What pisses me off more than both of these is the people who have a shit connection but don’t even know it. They proceed to blame the lag in their match on some other poor retard and I don’t think that that’s very fair. Especially when they have Orange internet (which is shit by the way) and the person that they are accusing has BT (which is a fuckload better than Orange).

I was just on Gears of War 2 (which is an awesome game) and me and a couple of mates had an awesome Annex match which we kicked pubes on. Then, we had another Annex match and everything was really fucking laggy. There was one guy out of both teams that seemed to be walking around fine and getting shitloads of kills with his chainsaw and shotgun. I think it was fairly obvious that it was him creating the lag. He was also on about level 70 odd which means that he had either been doing the lagging for a very long time or he had just got bored of playing properly and decided to fuck with people’s experience.


Anyway, with this not being such a long post as the first one, I should be able to do another one sooner although I think that having something new to rant about each day is fairly hard to do, I think I will manage as I am a rather angry person.

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  1. At my mums i gots orange internet.
    I didnt kknow i was a shitty connection.
    But as soon as my game lagged up, i tested it on another macth.
    But i pulled out straight away losing valuable halo experiance points.
    All so i int fuck with evey one elses game.

    Comment by Jak — July 22, 2009 @ 12:45 am | Reply

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