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May 18, 2009


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The first rant on this blog. Fuckin’ ay! I have tagged this blog as mature so if you are reading this, it’s your own damn fault. I have decided that I will refrain from using names in this blog in general because if one of the people that I am bitching about ever reads this, they will

1) Laugh their bollocks off at me for being such a knob


2) Beat the living shit out of me as most of the people that I bitch about are quite hard and I am really not.

There are two perfectly acceptable reasons not to use names at all so, without further ado, let’s have a good old fucking rant!

Right then, on to the topic of ASBO’s. Motherfucking ASBO kids piss me off so bad! We just got a couple in our school, all over the papers they are with their stupid, dumb-ass faces on the front page grinning out and saying ‘Look at me, I’m a TWAT’ to anyone who dares look at their fucking cheesy little grins. Both of them are actual retards (DISCLAIMER: If I ever use the word ‘retard,’ I am probably being very un-politically correct and when I say ‘retard,’ it just means that I think that the person/people in question are cock munchers) and I know one of them from a couple of years back. Needless to say, I don’t hang around with him anymore because he is an arsewipe and I am a sensible human being.

Now, chode munchers in general get more help than intelligent people in school anyway but why is this? If we get a retard moved up into our class for, say, maths then they will get shitloads more help than the rest of us even though they couldn’t give less of a shit if you paid them and the rest of us are all trying to learn. Also, if there is a special trip that students are offered, say to go and check out a university, the kids whose parents haven’t been to uni can’t go. Why the fuck not? Just because we

1) Are not dumb shits


2) Actually give a shit about our education

should not mean that we don’t get these kinds of opportunities. Don’t get me wrong, they should probably have pride of place in the selection as one of my mates who gives a MASSIVE shit about his education has parents that have never been to uni and that s a great opportunity for him but I also want that opportunity as neither of my parents can recreate what it is like living in a uni dorm for even a week inside my own home and the only real way for me to possibly get that experience is to go on one of these fucking trips!

Wow, that felt so fucking good. I have a ranting lesson throughout the week in which a couple of my friends get to hear me rant about random shit like this and ASBO’s was actually the topic for that lesson this week. Some of these points were raised by me in the lesson although, with cleaner language, to the teacher and some were ranted about, with the same amount of language, to said peers next to me. As I am in the opposite corner of the room to the teachers desk, I get to rant with all the language that i want to and she never hears me because she is always off explaining some other shit to one of the other dumb retards in our class. Plus, she is ‘with child’ and her mind seems to be on other topics lately like asking the girls in our class what he/she should be called and what kind of baby clothes to get him/her. Really, I feel that the girls in our class are slightly under qualified to be talking about baby shit like they actually understand what it means although, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if one of them got knocked up as some of them are really just dirty slags.

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  1. ooh im mentioned in your post! i did like listening to your asbo rants – was pretty funny!

    and i hope im not one of these ‘dirty slags’!

    Comment by melissa — June 4, 2009 @ 7:24 pm | Reply

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